10 Best Dinner Places in Peshawar

Peshawar is the provincial capital of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. It has always been magnetism for tourists because of its exceptional culture and fascinating places. This city is linked with Islamabad by Motorway M-1 and via national highway N-5. The Airport of Peshawar is almost 25 minutes drive from the city and is served by all the national and international carriers. Peshawar has a top quality food street at Ghanta Ghar. It is one of the most well-known places for family gatherings to enjoy tasty food. You can easily have a massive variety of dishes from this place including karahi, fish fried, fries, burgers, lassi, shakes, and more. It is a beautiful place if you want to eat the local food of Peshawar. Medina market is also another nice place to eat local food. This place is very popular among university students because of its appetizing food menu including chicken tikka, karahi, Seekh kabab, etc.

There are too many places in Peshawar where you can easily get all the delicious food for you. These places are renowned for serving tasty food and having a good atmosphere as well. So, for all food loving people, who love to try a different variety of food, we have highlighted some of the mouthwatering dishes to satisfy their food cravings.

Here’s a list of 10 best dinner places in Peshawar, we’ll be talking about:













Namak Mandi karahi

Habibi Restaurant

Tai Pan (PC Hotel)

Shiraz Ronaq

Bukhara Restaurant

Hong Kong Restaurant

Bull Ring Fantasy

Hujra Restaurant

Balana Restaurant

Chief Burger

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1: Namak Mandi Karahi


Three different branches in the city and a 50-year history of feeding Peshawar’s residents are part of Namak Mandi‘s reputation as a go-to for authentic Pakistani staples. Try the hot tikka karahi, a portion of chicken, lamb or mutton meat cooked in a karahi, a utensil similar to the Chinese wok, and characterized by the strong, spicy flavour of capsicum pepper. Or tuck into the chapli kebab, a top favorite among Peshawarites and available in beef or chicken meat. Its unique taste comes from typically Pakistani ingredients such as the pomegranate and dry coriander seeds added to the succulent meat.

2: Habibi Restaurant


Habibi Restaurant is one of the most traditional and Pashto culture support restaurants in Peshawar. Habibi restaurant is located in Phase 3 Hayatabad, Peshawar, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Habibi Restaurant is one of the best restaurants in Hayatabad. As we all know Pakistanis love to eat barbecued meals. Habibi Restaurant is the best place to eat barbecued meat at affordable prices. Some of the famous dishes of Habibi Restaurants are BBQ Platter, Kabuli pulao, roasted meats, and none other than malai tikka. Habibi Restaurant is also famous to be one of the best buffet restaurants in Peshawar. Habibi Restaurant gives you an experience of a 5-star Restaurant. They aim to provide the best quality services ad become one of the best leading restaurants in Peshawar. Habibi is the best choice if you love traditional food and are inspired by Pashtoon food

3: Tai Pan (PC Hotel)


Taipan is situated at the lobby level of Pearl Continental Hotel, Peshawar. Taipan serves a variety of authentic Chinese cuisine. The food is arguably the best Chinese food you will find in Peshawar, that too with friendly staff and nice ambiance.

4: Shiraz Ronaq


Shiraz Ronaq is one of the best restaurants in Peshawar where you can find best food of various types including Continental, Chinese, Afghani, & food from various cultures. Some of the notable food items are Chapli kabab, reshmi kabab, afghani tikka, patialla chicken, shab deg, Biryani, Pulao, Chowmein, Three Leaf Chicken, Sweet & Sour Chicken, Saag / Mustard, Soups of various types, Pasta Salad, Fresh Vegetable Salad, Russian Salad, Egg Fried Rice, bbq, fruit trifle, Vanilla mousse, Chocolate Mousse, Strawberry Mousse, & much more.

5: Bukhara Restaurant


Here you get many taste and new food Warsak Road, Peshawar.

6: Hong Kong Restaurant

Hong Kong Chinese restaurant is provide a warm atmosphere and social gathering place for the entire family. They give that down home feeling in a restaurant environment and offer fresh modern cuisine and beverages in a matchless ambiance. They have the cleanest, most unique, most comfortable eatery in the neighboring area.
The objective overall is to live up to the quality and expectations that our customers know they have produced for over forty five years. They delight in serving our future customers and their children. They want their exuberance and animation to be a part of our atmosphere.
We acknowledge our customer on arrival and say thank you to every customer at least once for choosing Hong Kong Chinese restaurant

7: Bull Ring Fantasy


Inspired by the aroma and appetizing sensation at the Bull Ring in Birmingham-West Midland-England. with all the fun of food under the roof. The owner of Bull Ring Fantasy desires to fantasize Peshawar with flavors and recipes loved by brummies’

8: Hujra Restaurant


Hujra Restaurant provides a good atmosphere with both indoor and outdoor sitting. We focus on fresh lamb meat, fish, and chicken dishes. Hujra Restaurant is situated at Peshawar Ring Road, Achini Payan Peshawar.

9: Balana Restaurant


A place located at the Tahkal, Peshawar offers traditional food and hospitality of the province.

10: Chief Burger


Chief Burger, a well reputed Fast Food Restaurant is in business since 1984. We are known for the best taste and services and came to this position after great struggle and meeting high challenges. We in Peshawar are working as a “Brand” and this is just because of the best managerial strategies and team dedication and zeal to be one of the best. We are very much fortunate to be on the top in Khyber Pakhtunkhwah. Chief, the only best fast food restaurant in Peshawar offers a wide and varied menu to customers specializing in quality burger & chicken products. We now offer products that have appeal to all ages and tastes including the sizzling steak, Chicken cheese burger, special chief pizza and chicken chowmein to name a few. Chief continually strives to develop products that are innovative, price competitive and offer maximum enjoyment and convenience to customers. Recent technological investments such as the installation of new machines, ovens have ensured consistency of products and the development of new products to its menu list. Chief is located at the heart of historical city called Peshawar. Chief is located in a very lucrative corner of a Fawad Plaza, a very short drive from Yadgar-e-Hayat towards university of Peshawar on Jamrud road.