Top Lunch Places in Peshawar

In this busy world, it is not that easy to have an excellent lunch like a prince. Having even a single healthy dish can make a complete lunch. As our body doesn’t consume any food after the dinner meal till morning, that’s why we are required to recharge our battery, and for that, we definitely need to focus on good quality healthy food. Eating a nice meal in the morning not only fuels us till the lunchtime but actually provides our brains the vital energy to function properly and focus in a much better way on performing different tasks throughout the day.

Peshawar is known far and wide for its chapli kebabs (chiefly made from minced beef, yet some places have started using mutton or chicken) because of the different ingredients used. They actually originated in KPK, and the word comes from a Pahto word ‘chaprikh’ which means flat.

In order to have an appetizing breaking, we have highlighted some of the best places where you can easily have your desired lunch.

Here’s a list of 10 best Lunch places in Peshawar, we’ll be talking about:













Cafe Crunch

Shiraz Ronaq

Traskoon Restaurant

Silver Dragon

University Tikka

Haleem Ghar, Peshawar

The Green Olive’s Restaurant

Hakeem Khan Tikka

Musafir Fish Center

Lal Zada Chapli Kabab

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1: Cafe Crunch


Cafe Crunch is one of the first cafes to open in Peshawar and its pioneer is Ms. Sadia Bilour. Situated at 45 Old Jamrud Road, University Town, Peshawar. Enjoy an amazing and cosy outdoor dinning with some delicious food to be served with your favourite music in background.

2: Shiraz Ronaq


Shiraz Ronaq is one of the best restaurant due to its food quality and taste situated in Peshawar Cantt. They have a variety of dishes in their menu i.e BBQ, Pakistani, Afghani, Chinese, Italian & variety of sweets. BBQ in their Buffet is the best. Family sitting is available here. There is no card payment facility available, however, you can pay via Easypaisa. Staff is cooperative & sitting & ambiance is ordinary. Overall great experience with family.

3: Traskoon Restaurant


Traskoon Restaurant Peshawar is a place of great food and ambiance. You can try their special BBQ platter with your friends and family. Asides this, they are offering one of the best grill and fried fish in Peshawar city. Mutton lovers can also visit this place for mutton cuisines. This Restaurant is located on Ring Road Peshawar and famous among the fish lovers. 

4: Silver Dragon


Silver Dragon, a Chinese Restaurant offers only delicious Chinese Cuisines in a very reasonable price located in the heart of Peshawar (24,D The Mall, Mall Road)

5: University Tikka


It is located on Grand Trunk Road next to Charsi Tikka shop Peshawar. It is very much affordable and they serve some amazing food with high class services. In addition, there is special discounts for the students of Islamia college Peshawar.

6: Haleem Ghar


This is situated on main Mall road near Mall Tower PESHAWAR.

Haleem Ghar is a registered brand of Pakistani Restaurant and is operating in all the major cities of Pakistan.
Haleem Ghar Peshawar is franchise of the registered trademark. This buzzing and unpretentious Pakistani restaurant cooks up food that’s pleasing to both the palate and pocket. Possibilities include chicken tikka, biryani or, for the more adventurous, brain masala. Solo women and families can avail themselves of the restaurant’s family section.

7: The Green Olive’s


The Green Olive’s Restaurant. Garrison Park، Near، Shami Road, Bashirabad, Peshawar. 

Green Olives in Peshawar excels in preparing and presenting dishes with great quality and creativity. Despite being known for marvelous range of Chinese cuisines, it also serves Desi food too, and both of it deliciously comes at reasonable prices. It also offers a buffet system to make your day!

8: Hakeem Khan Tikka


The best food restaurant in Peshawar with reasonalble prices and high quality 

Hakim khan tika hotel ring road, near Jameel Chowk, Shaheen Muslim Town, Peshawar

9: Musafir Fish Center


Musafir Fish Point Charsadda Road Peshawar Charsadda Road Peshawar musafir fish center, Peshawar.

Best fish fry location located ring road. You can enjoy fish with different specialities like fish fry grill, angara. Followed by old peshawari qawa. Best family mahool you can come with family and kids.

1: Lal Zada Chapli Kabab


Good to eat at the spot. Best taste. Unfortunately, at places like these, there’s no proper place to done for women or children. But it’s still awesome to eat at home as a take away. Closed on Tuesday/ Wednesday. Full of greasy oil. People on fat losing diet should avoid it. But those who are trying to gain fat must place that in the menu. The “special kebabs” are even better.

Ishrat Cinema Road, Gulbahar, Peshawar.