Top Lunch Places in Lahore

Having a healthy Lunch that is full of protein is the best way to keep you feeling energetic and fit. You can include eggs, butter, fiber-rich fruits, cheese, and vegetables to get the required protein. Starting your day with healthy dishes can also decrease the calorie intake of your body because depriving it of the required nutrition can adversely affect the overall effort of weight loss.

In order to have an appetizing breaking, we have highlighted some of the best places where you can easily have your desired Lunch.

Here’s a list of 10 best Lunch places in Lahore, we’ll be talking about:













Qabail Restaurant

Bundu Khan

Bamboo Union


Yum Chinese and Thai


Andaaz Restaurant

Mandarin Kitchen

Arcadian Cafe

The Lakhnavi

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1: Qabail Restaurant


If you are looking for authentic Pashtun cuisine in Lahore, you need to pay a visit to the Qabail restaurant. Located at the heart of MM Alam Road, Qabail offers several authentic Pashtun dishes including khadi kabab and traditional Pashtun BBQ dishes.

Some of the most popular dishes of Qabail Restaurant include Chapli kabab, Namkeen chicken karahi, and kewa. 

And the cherry on top is the Attan dance performance in the evening. So if you are looking forward to a good night out with friends and family, that too on a budget, we suggest you consider Qabail Restaurant.

2: Bundu Khan


If you are a great foodie and have a special appetite for desi cuisines then Bundu Khan is surely a heaven for you. It is said to be one of the top restaurants in Lahore.

Located at multiple branches across the country, Bundu Khan is known for its distinguished cuisine and exceptional customer service. Some of the most famous dishes offered by the restaurant include paratha, Malai Boti, Mutton Karahi, and Chicken Shashlik. All the dishes are prepared with special spices and ingredients. So if you want to try out specialties of Lahori cuisine, you need to try out the food at Bundu Khan

3: Bamboo Union


Asian Fusion restaurant added to our list, you can just tell our love, and the love of Lahoris, for the Asian fused cuisine! Bamboo Union brings to you delicious meals in an Asian inspired restaurant, with big servings, and unique sticky rice – even with garlic if that’s your preference. You can order Pad Thai, Chicken in Garlic Sauce, or just their Chicken Manchurian, and the rush of flavours will simply make you fall in love with the restaurant. Bamboo Union is located in Gulberg, opposite Mall One, and in DHA Phase 5, Lahore.

4: Veera5


Veera5 offers you an authentic Chinese and Thai culinary experience. We suggest you try their Thai Green Curry and Sesame Orange Beef to enhance your taste palette and eat something besides the usual Asian offer! With so many Pan Asian restaurants in Lahore, Veera5 stands out due to the unique taste and ambience it offers. Located in DHA Phase V, you can’t put your taste buds through the torture of not trying this place!

5: Yum Chinese and Thai


Calling all Chinese lovers here! Yum – as the name of course suggests, offers you some very Yum Chinese dishes at the restaurant! With an entire Chinese inspired interior and a Chinese vibe, this is the perfect place to be enjoying your Chinese food night out. Start off with some hot and sour soup, enjoy with their fish crackers. Then order beef chilli dry, or even Kung Pao chicken with some egg fried rice – or if you’re into Chowmein, man oh man! Yum has the best Chinese ever too.

6: Sashas


Sashas is amazingly an all-rounder restaurant, where you can get anything of your liking to eat and enjoy! Salads and soups for starters, pasta, burgers, paninis, and hey, even their Signature Thaali is one you’ll fall in love with. Everything on their menu is delicious – and so s the whole vibe of the restaurant. You can dine in at Sasha’s in Gulberg, next to Mall One.

7: Andaaz Restaurant


You should obviously have yourself the experience of our culturally rich city…for which you’ll have to go back to the Lahore Food Street, our old Bazaars, and of course, Andaaz! Andaaz is located at one of the most beautiful locations in Lahore – this Desi Restaurant oversees the majestic Badshahi Masjid of Lahore. So you can dine in here on their rooftop while enjoying the views of the Mosque. Andaaz is famous especially amongst tourists

8: Mandarin Kitchen


Let’s just call Mandarin Kitchen the female Asian counterpart of Sumo – because that’s exactly what it is. Mandarin Kitchen, as you have probably figured out, offers your taste buds an experience of authentic Chinese cuisine, fit to your liking. They have the best Prawns in town, perfectly fused Chinese food, with a modern interior and welcoming service. Mandarin Kitchen also offers hi-tea slots between 3 PM to 7 PM – and their hi-tea experience is one not to miss!

9: Arcadian Cafe


Arcadian Café offers a very nice vibe, a restaurant with a few blue lights, dull lighting, and a good ambience in general. It’s a fun place to have dinner, especially when there are so many options you can choose from. Their menu ranges from Asian fusion to Italian, and even Continental food! Oh, and their drinks and desserts are to die for – we cannot stress enough about how delicious their Lava Cake is! Highly recommended whenever you go, you won’t be disappointed at all.

10: The Lakhnavi


The Lakhnavi is a culturally rich restaurant that will take you back to the sub-continent era, and give your taste buds a throwback rush of foods from that time. It’s a sense of royalty just dining in there, where the servers provide you with the best throughout. In order to experience the authentic taste of Lakhnow, you should have the Biryani, their Murgh Palao, definitely the Butter chicken, and their parathas are the best you’ll get in the entire city!