Top Lunch Places in Karachi

In this busy world, it is not that easy to have an excellent Lunch like a Prince. Having even a single healthy dish can make a complete breakfast. As our body doesn’t consume any food after the dinner meal till morning, that’s why we are required to recharge our battery, and for that, we definitely need to focus on good quality healthy food. Eating a nice meal in the morning not only fuels us till the lunchtime but actually provides our brains the vital energy to function properly and focus in a much better way on performing different tasks throughout the day.

Having a Lunch that is full of protein is the best way to keep you feeling full. You can include eggs, butter, fiber-rich fruits, cheese, and vegetables to get the required protein. Starting your day with healthy dishes can also decrease the calorie intake of your body because depriving it of the required nutrition can adversely affect the overall effort of weight loss.

In Pakistan, Karachi is quite famous for its vast variety of Karachi dishes. You can have desi item as well as traditional Lunch filled with taste international dishes such as muffins, pancakes, croissants, waffles.

In order to have an appetizing breaking, we have highlighted some of the best places where you can easily have your desired Lunch.

Here’s a list of 10 best Lunch places in Karachi, we’ll be talking about:













Cafe Aylanto

Xander’s Cafe


The Deli

Pompie Italian

Chandni Restaurant

Boat Basin Restaurant

Ghaffar Kabab House

Cafe Flo

BBQ Tonight

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021 35363944

021 35820532

021 35219657

0309 2402979

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021 583 2841

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1: Cafe Aylanto


If you want to try out yummilicious Mediterranean dishes, you need to head to Cafe Aylanto. The sleek, minimal interior of the restaurants speaks volumes about its quality of food and service. High-quality cuisines presented with delicacy and sophistication will make you remember this culinary experience for a very long time. This is one of the best café.

Some of the dishes that you need to try here include:

  • The all-time favorite Chicken Avocado Sandwich.
  • The Aylanto Grilled Burger.

Flame Grilled Tenderloin; a succulent steak topped with rocket leaves, drizzled in garlic-infused olive oil, and served with sautéed mushrooms and vegetable timbale.

The Fiery Chili Sole; a grilled fillet of sole marinated with roasted garlic, red chili, and vinaigrette. The pan-seared Norwegian pink salmon olive and garlic crusted and served with cauliflower mousse and asparagus, pomelo vinegar, and ginger kabayaki sauce. 

2: Xander’s Cafe


Xander’s Cafe is one of the most popular cafes in town. The gourmet dining experience will make your day for sure. They aim to deliver simple, fresh ingredients & light meals. From sandwiches to plates of pasta to cheeseburgers, Xander’s has got you covered. 

The cafe’s ambiance is minimalistic adding a touch of modernity and calmness to the overall place. 

If you are a vegan and looking for healthy options in Karachi, look no further and head to Xander’s Cafe. They have a huge variety of European and contemporary vegan dishes ready to fill up your belly.

3: Fuchsia


Located near shopping centers of Karachi, Fuschia offers modern Thai cuisines to the masses. 

Dishes are served “tapas-style”, allowing for a variety of dishes to be enjoyed by all, while unlimited white rice is continuously brought to your table in a traditional Thai basket.

The crimson-colored interior and minimalist theme add a sense of luxury and regalness to the overall place.  

Some of Fuchsia’s exotic and flavorful Thai dishes include steamed seabass with chili & ginger crust with lemon balm infused dashi stock with lemongrass, steamed prawns with ginger and garlic & lemon chili vinaigrette, creamy red thick curry of chicken with lime leaf and red chili and in desserts, toffee Glazed crispy banana fritters with vanilla sauce and Thai tea ice cream.

4: The Deli


The Deli is considered to be one of the best restaurants in Karachi. The Deli, specializing in high quality, gourmet cuisine, offers a wide range of tasty dishes including unique sandwiches, fresh salads, flavorful main courses, and desserts which are made using only the finest ingredients.

Exotic main courses are made using fresh and flavorful ingredients of the highest quality while the desserts are made of top quality imported chocolate and cheeses. The cuisine served at The Deli mainly consists of Mediterranean, however, some authentic Thai and European dishes can also be found on the menu.

Some popular dishes include the Roast Beef Wasabi Sandwich, Stir Fry Khao Suey, Italian Style Pasta, and the Cappuccino Brownie with Ice Cream. The menu also offers a wide range of dishes that are both unusual and classic but always with a modern twist, such as shrimp cocktail and chicken sate.

5: Pompie Italian


Fine dining Italian cuisine, using the very best local and imported produce, with an emphasis on contemporary interpretations of classic regional recipes situated at Old Railway Club, 139 Mc Niel Road, Karachi.

6: Chandni Restaurant


Open for lunch ad dinner with the best view in town. Experience a fusion of Pakistani dishes served buffet style. And not to miss the mesmerizing live entertainment daily, situated at P C Hotel, Club Road, Karachi.

7: Boat Basin Restaurant


Boat Basin Karachi is marvelous, delicious, amazing and has number of food outlets. Starting from local desi cuisine to continental food, it has all the varieties. Halwa puri breakfast here is famous among locals. If you are in town, its a must visit place for everyone.

8: Ghaffar Kabab House


In more than thirty years, there tastes is still the same even seems better everytime one visit. Behari Boti, Afghani Boti, Dhaaga Kabab and tikka is one of the best items. Prefer ordering paratha with all the BBQ items. Ambiance was not that good but when food is awesome who cares about ambiance.

9: Cafe Flo


Hidden amongst the bustling streets of Karachi, is a little taste of France. Step into Cafe Flo for a fine dining experience. An ideal place for a business lunch, celebratory dinner or a relaxing Sunday Breakfast.

10: TBBQ Tonight


Although like other places this is also going to be crowded every day, specially Friday to Sunday its hard to get seats easily, too much wait for getting your table. The food is superb, taste is awesome, we tried grilled items but never forget the Brain Masala.
You may also avail the discount offers by paying through credit cards. Overall it is good, personal hygiene of waiters should be improve, stained uniforms didn’t give good impression, sleeves should be tighten so it may not touch any item on table.