Hi tea Places in Karachi

Having a Hi Tea that is full of protein is the best way to keep you feeling full. Taking a break with healthy dishes can also decrease the calorie intake of your body because depriving it of the required nutrition can adversely affect the overall effort of weight loss.

In Pakistan, Karachi is quite famous for its vast variety of food dishes. You can have desi item as well as an international menu on almost all the major cities. Some people prefer the traditional food along with international dishes such as muffins, pancakes, croissants, waffles.

In order to have an appetizing breaking, we have highlighted some of the best places where you can easily have your desired Hi Tea along with your friends and colleagues.

Here’s a list of 10 best Hi Tea places in Karachi, we’ll be talking about:














Chatterbox Deli

Asia Live


Terrace Cafe


Royal Jasmine

Marco Polo



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1: Pantry


Pantry takes pride in being one of the city’s most famous gourmet cafes. This well-known hi-tea spot serves some of K-most town’s delectable continental dishes. The pantry will accommodate you if you want to meet up with friends or colleagues in a comfortable and presentable café. The cafe seeks to offer the best food possible to its patrons. The pantry has also developed itself as one of the best high-tea establishments in the region, with a wide following. If we look at the menu, we will see that their hi-tea contains a wide selection of soups, salads, sandwiches, and pasta that will keep customers coming back for more.

2: Chatterbox Deli


Chatterbox Deli is the name of a popular high-tea establishment frequented by many locals. This excellent restaurant has successfully established itself as Karachi’s standard-bearer in continental cuisine. Chatterbox Deli is well-known for its outstanding hi-tea menu, in addition to being a top option for lunches and dinners. Samosa Chaat, Aloo Bhaji and Paratha, Chicken Wings, and Mini Pizzas are among the Pakistani and Continental dishes on the hi-tea menu. If you’re looking for a fun hi-tea spot to visit with your friends, this is the place to go.

3: Asia Live


The Avari Tower houses this wonderful Asian restaurant. When it comes to having a good time, Asia Live is a common and fast choice. Its popularity among women for hi-tea gatherings and events makes it even better. Furthermore, Asia Live provides a wide range of cuisines from which to choose. The live music improves the dining experience and contributes to the fun ambiance. When it comes to overall dining, Asia Live offers the best of both Pakistani and foreign cuisines, making it a perfect venue for a high-tea. Avari is the perfect fit for a hi-tea buffet in Karachi.

4: Ambrosia


The Ambrosia restaurant in Karachi offers one of the best fine dining experiences in the region. Because of the incredible atmosphere and ambiance, Ambrosia quickly makes it to the top 10 hi-tea places in Karachi. Ambrosia is one of Karachi’s most notable high-tea establishments today. Their diverse menu, which includes dishes from all over the world, offers customers a wide variety of hi-tea food choices. Turkey Sandwiches, Smoke Salmon Canopies, and Quiche Lorraine are common high-tea items, according to the menu’s highlights.

5: Terrace Cafe


Terrace Café, located inside Marriott, one of Karachi’s premier hotels, is well-known for its delectable hi-tea menu. It is a great venue for a get-together with friends or even a small business meeting in the open air, thanks to its lavish décor and attentive service.

This outdoor cafe’s hi-tea menu features a variety of finger foods and nighttime munchies. You’ll easily find something to suit your appetite at this renowned hi-tea restaurant in Karachi, whether you want traditional desi food or sandwiches and pastries. A wide-ranging dessert bar is also available on the Marriott hi-tea menu, which is ideal for those with a sweet taste.

6: Al-Bustan


Al-Bustan, an international-standard restaurant housed within the renowned Movenpick Hotel in Karachi, is yet another excellent option for high-tea enthusiasts in the city. From Friday through Sunday, the upmarket restaurant serves a spectacular hi-tea buffet with an astonishing selection of savory nibbles, fried appetizers, and delectable desserts.

Al-Bustan is known in Karachi for its excellent hi-tea, and its menu includes soups, haleem, tiny chapli kabab, sliders, chaat, shawarma, chicken wings, bite-size samosa, and much more. Salads, dips, and pickles are also available at the eatery. The dessert table of Al-hi-tea Bustan’s buffet, on the other hand, is the highlight. The dessert bar will have you going back for more, with everything from cakes and pastries to doughnuts and mousse glasses. You’ll be able to choose between green tea and coffee, as with most hi-tea offers in Karachi. Live music is also available at Al-Bustan to complement the hi-tea experience.

7: Royal Jasmine


Royal Jasmine at Lucky One Mall has swiftly established itself as one of Karachi’s most popular hi-tea destinations. This Chinese restaurant, which is located on the ground level of a famous shopping mall, has a nicely furnished outside dining area where customers can have a great meal while enjoying the fresh air.

Soups, salads, sandwiches, and classic desi snacks like chit are all on the hi-tea menu at Royal Jasmine. At the restaurant, you may get fried rice, sweet and sour chicken, spring rolls, fried wings, spaghetti, shawarma, and haleem. Slushes, teas, cupcakes, custard, moose, and cookies are among the various delicacies on the menu. They operate on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

8: Marco Polo


Marco polo is a buffet restaurant located in Pearl Continental Hotel Karachi. It offers a variety of dishes including both savory and sweet delicacies. Their Buffet menu varies according to different themes such as Chocolate Hi-tea, Street Food Hi-Tea, Independence day themed Hi-Tea, etc. The classy ambiance coupled with exotic food makes this a go-to place for all.

9: N’eco’s


N’eco’s is a one-of-a-kind natural food store and cafe in Karachi. A pioneer in this niche it has garnered a regular and loyal following over the years. Their Hi-Tea offers a mix of desi and continental food along with delectable desserts at affordable rates. Their Quesadilla bites and pineapple souffle are popular among diners. The relaxed yet classy ambiance makes this cafe a well-loved spot for a delicious hi-tea.

10: Rangoli


Rangoli is an ethnic-themed restaurant in Karachi. Located on Karsaz road it is favored and loved for its variety of dishes. Their forte is local Pakistani food, and while the buffet offers some finger food its the live BBQ and Kachori that is the highlight of the menu. Their large seating capacity makes it suitable for large gatherings and event parties.