Hi tea Places in Islamabad

Having a Hi Tea is full of protein is the best way to keep you feeling full. You can include eggs, butter, fiber-rich fruits, cheese, and vegetables to get the required protein. Starting your day with healthy dishes can also decrease the calorie intake of your body because depriving it of the required nutrition can adversely affect the overall effort of weight loss.

In Pakistan, Islamabad is quite famous for its vast variety of Hi Tea. You can have desi item as well as an international menu. Some people prefer the traditional food while others like to taste international dishes such as muffins, pancakes, croissants, waffles.

In order to have an appetizing breaking, we have highlighted some of the best places where you can easily have your desired Hi Tea.

Here’s a list of 10 best Hi Tea places in Islamabad, we’ll be talking about:













Nadia Cafe

Street 1 Cafe

Baau’z Cafe

CREMA Cafe & Pasticceria

Khiva Restaurant



Tuscany Countyard

Tandoori Restaurant

Chaaye Khana

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1: Nadia Cafe


Nadia Café is one of Islamabad’s most famous establishments, offering one of the best high-tea deals in the city. This restaurant, which is located within the Marriott Hotel, one of Islamabad’s finest hotels, and overlooks the picturesque Margalla Hills, is a great spot to catch up with old friends or family members. Hi-tea at Marriott Hotel Islamabad is also an unforgettable experience thanks to the luxurious interior and outstanding menu.

2: Street 1 Cafe


Street 1 Café is known for offering the finest hi-tea in Islamabad and is considered one of the city’s trendiest eateries. The restaurant has an elegant outdoor seating area surrounded by greenery and fairy lights, as well as a beautifully decorated indoor seating area. Street 1 Café is a must-visit if you’re looking for a relaxing place to unwind while sipping a tasty cup of coffee.

3: Baau’z Cafe


Baau’z cafe in Islamabad is a great Hi-Tea spot. Take a look at the images below for the hi-tea menu offered at the cafe.

You can choose from hand-breaded chicken, green chili, shashlik chicken, pizza, fish club sandwiches, buffalo wings, and a mouthwatering cake (4 kinds) on any given day. You can have selected items. The plate is well designed and should be tried.

4: CREMA Cafe & Pasticceria


One of the finest cafes in Islamabad, situated in Beverly center. Crema is known for its bakery items and especially its cakes. Apart from amazing bakery items, Crema also offers Sandwiches, salads, and pasta, which can be a perfect fit for you with your tea.

Their high tea platter is very good and serves 2 people, with 2 each of sliders, taco-style pizza wraps, chicken wings, cold sandwich, mini samosas, shashlik sticks, macaroons. 2 different cakes, Walnut, Tiramisu, cheese Pasta bowl and ketchup, chili sauce combo, green salad with cheese cubes. 2 drinks, mint margarita, tea or combo.

5: Khiva Restaurant


Khiva Restaurant is another option for a very affordable Hi-Tea buffet. The restaurant is located in F-7 and Bahria Town. The images below will give you an idea of its atmosphere and hi-tea menu.

The Hi-Tea buffet includes various scrumptious dishes like BBQ, chowmein, spring rolls, dumplings, sandwiches, chaat, and various desserts to brighten up your evening. The restaurant brings forth a culinary experience for its guests by serving the most delicious food and providing an impressive ambiance that transports one back to the days of old. Dum pukht is the restaurant’s specialty.

6: Meraka


Meraki offers an experience of its own. It is a high-end restaurant located in F-7 Markaz, Islamabad. Below are attached images for greater clarity of its ambiance and hi-tea menu.

Their Hi-Tea is the epitome of lavishness and mouthwatering food. Their 3 tier Hi-Tea platter includes club sandwiches, burgers, chicken and fish rolls, and assorted pakoras. The dessert is top-class in terms of quality and taste and it’s a must-try for everyone. It will be a delight to your taste buds.

7: Pappasallis


Pappasallis is operating in Islamabad for decades, and they have recently launched their Hi-tea menu on Thursdays and Saturdays. The menu has continental cuisines and it is generous enough to keep your taste buds satisfied. Their main menu includes chicken mushroom lasagna, finger fish, chicken chili dry, egg-fried rice, mini kebab, spring roll, sandwich, pizza, dahi bhallay, channa chaat, pani puri, desert, tea/coffee, and nachos.

8: Tuscany Courtyard


Tuscany Courtyard offers its customers a place to sit and chit-chat with their friends and family while enjoying some of the delicacies offered in their Hi-Tea Buffet. They have a proper set-up with umbrellas and tables outside as well for an unimaginable dining experience. You can enjoy their amazing Hi-Tea buffet which includes soup, five different salads, cold mezzeh, main entree involving more than 10 delicious dishes, chaat corner, desserts, and drinks.

9: Tandoor Restaurant


Enjoy the scrumptious Hi-Tea buffet at this restaurant. People who have a love for Pakistani cuisine must try this restaurant. Their Hi-Tea menu includes an array of dishes starting from soup, starters, chaat section, Chinese and continental, desi, and various desserts. The price point, as well as the ambiance offered at this place, is quite good.

10: Chaaye Khana


Without Chaaye Khana, the list is definitely incomplete! No matter what the time, if you are in the mood for some scrumptious breakfast delights, then Chaaye Khana is certainly the place for you. Their Hi-tea has all the delicacies that they offer that too at an affordable price. From their famous Pakistani omelet to Nutella creeps to their qeema parathas, everything is available.