10 Best Dinner Places in Quetta

In this busy world, it is not that easy to have an excellent dinner is very important. Having even a single healthy dish can make a complete dinner. As our body doesn’t consume any food after the dinner meal till morning, that’s why we are required to recharge our battery, and for that, we definitely need to focus on good quality healthy food. Eating a nice meal in the morning not only fuels us till the lunchtime but actually provides our brains the vital energy to function properly and focus in a much better way on performing different tasks throughout the day.

Having a dinner that is full of protein is the best way to keep you feeling full.

Here’s a list of 10 best dinner places in Quetta, we’ll be talking about:













Lehri Sajji House

Al Dubai Restaurant

Ajwa Restaurant

Kebabish Grill

Balana Grill Restaurant

Usmania Restaurant

Zaika Restaurant

Kamal Chargha House

Saigon Cafe

Jaan Broast

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1: Lehri Sajji House


It’s famous for it’s traditional mutton karahi and probably has best taste of mutton karahi in the city of quetta. The issue of place is limiting seating capacity of 20 people so u better take away.

2: Al Dubai Restaurant


It also provides great food but is not as huge as Ajwa and neither has grassy to sit and enjoy on with family but males only should visit it as it’s at Kachlak, just 20 miles from Quetta.

3: Ajwa Restaurant


It’s some 25 miles from Quetta at Kucklak, has a huge family area as well as a huge common hall and all other basic necessities, such as an ice cream parlor. The food is fantastic and quality is superb, offering the traditional food.

4: Kebabish Grill


Kebabish Grill is restaurant located at Archer Road, Quetta, available mouth watering food Pakistani item Bar B.Q Chinese fast food. BBQ lovers can check Kebabish Grill Quetta Menu, Number, Address from this website and can visit this place for a memorable experience. In Quetta, you can find thousands of restaurants offering BBQ, fast food, and Chinese but they cannot beat Kebabish Grill Quetta in taste. Asides from this, you can find grill fish, Rice, and Seafood from this place. This place has separate sitting for families, so if you are with your family then you can also visit this place to spend quality time with your family. They have different deals for their beloved customers through which they provide discounts to their customers.

5: Balana Grill Restaurant


One of the traditional food of Quetta cause Quettians are quite into Afghani food like kabuli palao, afghani namkeen tikka and much more. We the Balana Restaurant offers Chicken Afghani kabab must try this if you like Bar B.Q.

In winters nothing is better then a tasty and flavor full fish If you are in a search of delicious desi sea food must visit @restaurant__balana In this dish we serve Grilled tandoori fish plus Tartar sauce with side line of your choice.

6: Usmania Restaurant


A diehard desi food lover can tell which restaurant has the most authentic taste. Quetta is full of desi food lovers, that is why they have chosen Usmania Restaurant among all. The crowd inside the restaurant depicts how much people love it. The seating area is large, beautiful, and properly cleaned. Usmania Restaurant has been serving for more than five years at M.A Jinnah Road. The branch is a double story, having a family hall on the first floor.

When we hear about Usmania Restaurant, we associate it with desi food. Surely desi food is their specialty, but they offer a wide range of cuisines. They have BBQ, Chinese, Seafood, and Vegetables in their menu. Besides how economical its prices are, their taste is unique, which leads every customer to visit them again and again. Usmania Restaurant offers lunch boxes with various choices. They are available at economical prices, so it is a great option for dinner or lunch.

7: Zaika Resturant


Zaika Restaurant Quetta is offering various cuisines including Pakistani, Chinese, continental, BBQ, Afghani, and much more to Quetta locals who want to taste the best food at an economical price. Quetta is one of the most attractive tourist places in Pakistan. If you are visiting Quetta and want some delicious food then you can visit this restaurant.

8: Kamal Chargha House


It is a famous reataurant in Quetta, Kamal Chargha is very famous throught out Quetta, People from every corner of Quetta gather here. Kamal Chargha House located at Court Rd, Cantt Area, Quetta, Balochistan, Shara E. Adalat, Quetta,

9: Saigon Cafe


Saigon Café & Restaurant in Quetta can light up any part of your day with its extraordinary décor and excellent quality ingredients. This place mainly offers Chinese, Continental and Sea foods. It is quite popular for its Soups which can warm you up well especially in Winters! To top everything off, its Lava Cake has the perfect amount of moist and sweetness!

10: Jaan Broast


Offering friendly environment and quick services, located at Prince Road, Quetta, Jaan Broast is one of the most running restaurants in Quetta. It serves an unending list of foods including Fast-food, Seafood, Chinese and Pakistani foods, without ever compromising in its taste and quality! Its BBQ is also known for being perfectly salty and spicy. It also offers Desserts too to soothe your sweet tooth.