Best Breakfast Places in Peshawar

Breakfast, the most important meal of the day, must be delicious, tasty, energetic and full of nutrients. When you feed your yourself what your body needs and when it need, it is love indeed. For Peter Falk, the idea of heaven is to wake up, have breakfast and spend the rest of the day drawing. 

Truly, if you want your day to be blessed, happy and meaningful then have a great breakfast. You enjoy it more when you have it in a place you love whether it is home or any restaurant. Many people don’t know that Peshawar is blessed with some of the amazing cafes and restaurants which serves delicious breakfast.

Here’s a list of 10 best breakfast places in Peshawar, we’ll be talking about:













The Maple House Restaurant

Jan’s Deli

Layalina Shelton


Marco Polo

Chaaye Khana

Paratha & Co.

Peshori Khalis Food

Sherpao Parathy

Shiekh Siri Paye

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1: The Maple House Restaurant


The Maple House situated at University Town, Peshawar, is a Fine Dining Family Restaurant offering a combination of continental cuisines and traditional Peshawari Barbeques in a cultured, elegant and cozy environment at Peshawar.

2: Jan’s Deli


Jan’s Deli is the best restaurant in Peshawar (Circular Lane، Iqra Chowk, Peshawar), provides quality food and good services.

3: Layalina Shelton


Restaurant Layalina, in the Shelton Hotel, produces delectable dishes inspired by traditional Peshawari food, with influences from other Asian countries. There is also a selection of Italy’s irresistible pizzas and pasta. However, what is most striking about Shelton’s Layalina is its delightful ambience; the venue is full of wooden floors and beautiful pieces of decor that create an elegant yet intimate atmosphere.

4: Darvesh


Darvesh is an unpretentious little spot in Peshawar serving authentic, traditional Pakistani staples. The rich menu includes rices, soups, salads and the unmissable Pakistani meats, both barbecued and not, with a special selection of exquisite dishes prepared with the mutton meat that is so common in Pakistan. Darvesh takes particular pride in its nans, the flatbreads baked in the tandoor, a cylindrical clay oven typical of Southern Asia. Try the cheese, garlic, mint, spicy, beef or chicken nans for a real treat.

5: Marco Polo


The Pearl Continental Hotel is one of the most exclusive hotels in Peshawar, more commonly referred to by the locals as simply “the PC”. The hotel comprises two excellent restaurants that rise distinctly above the average quality of many of Peshawar’s dining spots. The Tai Pan restaurant serves some of the best Chinese food in town, in a charming setting inspired by traditional Chinese decor. Try one of their tasty soups or the pan fried noodles. On the other hand, the Marco Polo restaurant is a nice choice for those looking to enjoy fine continental food, although local specialties are also listed on the menu. In addition to a range of courses, both restaurants offer daily specials prepared with the freshest ingredients the season has to offer.

6: Chaaye Khana


If you are a quality over quantity person, then Chaaye Khana invites you. Chaaye Khana in Peshawar knows how to meet your crave for tea with it’s well-crafted Teas. It has a separate menu for Breakfast and contains Fast-food, Seasonal Specials and wide range of beverages too!

7: Paratha & Co.


Home to the best Parathas and rolls in town! Peshawar (Niaz Plaza University road near police public school, Shaheen Town, Peshawar). 

8: Peshori Khalis Food


Peshori Khalis Foods provides the best products with a motive that “No compromise on Quality”. We look forward to continuing our tradition of providing the best and in spite of our encouraging growth, we remain committed to be small, friendly, fiercely independent and in touch with our blessings.

Focusing on performance and productivity, we encourage our people to develop new ideas and put fresh approaches into practice. Hand in hand with this is a strong sense of responsibility to the communities we serve. 

9: Sherpao Parathay


Traditional food with the fantastic taste in the heart of Peshawar city (Rahat Abad, Peshawar).

10: Shiekh Siri Paye


The Walled City of Peshawar (Androon E Shehar) has some hidden spots for scrumptious desi food. People from far flung parts of the city visit those places to serve their cravings. Sheikh Sir Paaye is one such place that serves the best Siri Paaye in Peshawar. The process of serving customers start even before the dawn at 4:30 am where the Pots and Daigs are opened and Siri Paye is served to the customers that have come from all over the city. Siri Payer (Trotters) is the yummiest desi dish that people of Peshawar loves in their breakfast, lunch and whenever.