Best Breakfast Places in Islamabad

Being treated like royalty early in the morning? Who doesn’t like that! These amazing breakfast places in Islamabad accomplish just that. Hot and delicious food, perfect ambiance, and prompt service transport you to a little piece of heaven to enjoy with your friends and family.

Check out our list of best Breakfast places in Islamabad for the most delicious and nutritious breakfast options in the capital city.

Here’s a list of 10 best breakfast places in Islamabad, we’ll be talking about:













Chaaye Khana

Burning Brownie

Cheema & Chattha

Khoka Kholas

Street 1 Cafe



10 Eleven Coffee Lounge

Chat Shat

English Tea House

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1: Chaaye Khana


Located in F-6 and F-11 Islamabad, Chaaye Khana is one of the finest places in the city. Chaaye Khana English breakfast is fresh and offers variety of options. Their French toast and garlic mushroom on toast as well as numerous types of omelet is a must try for foodies.

2: Burning Brownie


Located in F-6 Islamabad, Burning Brownie is one of the finest places in the city for breakfast. English breakfast is fresh and offers variety of options in health food. Their cafe and toast as well as numerous types of omelet is a must try for foodies.

3: Cheema & Chattas


Cheema and Chattas may not have exquisite ambiance and environment like other breakfast places on the list, but it has a great taste, and that’s what counts in the end! No? 

It’s a pure desi food lover heaven with crispy parathas to delicious halwa puri to beef paye, they have everything that a desi foodie would ask for. Located in F-11/2, it’s a must go place for authentic desi breakfast.

4: Khoka Khola


Located at Beverly Center Islamabad, Khoka Khola offers an authentic desi khoka vibe with delicious taste. Having a reasonably priced breakfast thali, they are a hip joint for desi food lovers.

Their breakfast includes parathas, omelets, qeema, chanay, and alu bhujia. The cool joint is making its mark in upgrading the desi nashta for today’s insta generations and making it relevant to the current times.

5 Street 1 Cafe


Street 1 cafe (F-6/3) is the place of choice for a delicious. Nutritious and healthy breakfast option. Serving International standard food Street 1 Cafe never disappoints. Aiming to provide food that exudes elegant sophistication, Street 1 cafe does just that, in a casual and relaxed atmosphere.

They offer Continental breakfast specialties such as pancakes, waffles, french toast, omelets, and Beef Benedict on Weekdays while Pakistani specialties such as Nihari, Anda Chana, Halwa puri, and Parathas are offered on the Weekends. 

The breakfast timings at Street 1 cafe are 8:00 am to 11:30 pm on Weekdays, which continues till 1:00 pm on Saturday and till 3:00 pm on Sundays. The unique decor and ambiance add a touch of class to the ambiance at Street 1 cafe.

6: Chashni


Chashni located in DHA belongs to the Yum group of restaurants, who are veterans in the food industry. The mithai shop and cafe offer delicious breakfast options in a beautiful ambiance, manned by courteous staff.

Their menu includes both Pakistani and continental varieties including the traditional Lahori Nashta of Qeema Parathas and halwa puris as well as continental favorites pancakes, omelets, croissants, and french toast. 

7: Chattas


Located in 10/2, Islamabad, Veterans in the food industry Chatta’s have taken their high-quality ingredients and poured their heart and soul into this restaurant. Authentic food, relaxed ambiance, and efficient service make this a highly recommended breakfast place in the capital city.

Their breakfast menu is available all day and includes the ever-popular thalis, nihari, paaye, omelets, and parathas along with halwa puri, alu bhujia, and chanay. They also offer the delectable brain masala.

8: 10 Eleven Cafe Lounge


A relatively new in the food scene of Islamabad, 10 Eleven Lounge is situated in F-8/2, street 22 Islamabad. This spacious eatery is one of the finest to hang around with friends and families.

Huts surrounded by the food stall and lawn with some live music gives a welcoming feels to its patrons. The 10 Eleven Lounge serves variety of omelettes, halwa, chanay, bhujiya and paye and Nihari on weekends. 

9: Chat Shat


Chat Shat is an authentic, fun-filled roadside cafe in Islamabad. Providing the actual street-side cafe ambiance its tree-lined seating area offers the perfect casual dining experience.

They are specialists in desi cuisine, especially breakfast and snack foods. Their breakfast offerings include a variety of parathas, halwa puri, and qeema paratha platters.

Their relaxed atmosphere and affordable prices make this the go-to breakfast option for many. 

10: English Tea House


One of the restaurants for an authentic English tea experience is the English Tea House located in F7/2, Islamabad. A class apart the English Tea House has no competitor in its domain. 

Their focus on English food is reflected in their menu with eggs, sandwiches, pancakes, waffles, and crepes, along with muffins, croissants, and baked beans being the highlight of their menu.

Their breakfast timings are from 8:00 am till noon and till 2:00 pm on Sundays.