Pakistan’s tourism sector would grow to over $40 billion within a decade with Government due devotion

Pakistan is rich in diverse cultures, civilizations, and traditions, with beautiful landscapes, heavenly sights, and historical places; it holds a great tourism potential, which regrettably remained elusive.

Pakistan is ranked 121st out of 140th in the overall classification of World Economic Forum’s Travel and Tourism Competitiveness Index 2019, however, regional countries namely India, Sri Lanka, Nepal and Bangladesh have been places as 34th, 77th, 102nd, and 120th respectively.

Tourism would be given the status of an industry, which would be managed by the private sector and the government would play the role of a facilitator and regulator.

The infrastructure and facilities offered under this industry require huge amounts of capital for their development. The only option to overcome this challenge is to induce the private sector to take part in tourism development projects. Currently, no policy exists which can attract private sector investment in the tourism industry.

The governments should introduce broader tourism policies, rules and regulations exploring the socio-economic aims for tourism growth, and promoting the involvement of the private sector, to invite investments, and encourage tourism, both nationally and internationally.

Pakistan need to engage all the stakeholders to provide an ideal environment for the promotion of religious tourism especially for Sikhs and Buddhist religious tourism in Pakistan. Need to involve local communities living in the vicinities of heritage sites through the sustainable heritage tourism in the protection and providing custodianship of the heritage sites.

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