Peshawar’s BRT Deficit Rs 4.67 Billion in Two Years

The government has spent more than Rs 77 billion on this project for which loan has been borrowed from Asian Development Bank (ADB) and a French Agency. It was launched during the previous government of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf and was promised to be completed in six months but it inaugurated in 3 years but the attached shopping and parking plazas have yet to be completed.

The BRT officials said that over one million cards have been distributed while more than 60 million passengers have traveled since August 2020. The development work has been slowed down due to non-provision of funds by the provincial government to the construction companies working on the project, sources said.

Mass Transit spokesman Umair Khan said that the BRT service was established by the government not for profit but for the convenience of the general public.

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