Judiciary and Police most corrupt Institutions: Transparency International Survey Report

National Corruption Perception Survey 2021 has revealed that police remains the most corrupt sector, Judiciary was seen as 2nd most corrupt, Tendering and Contracting 3rd most corrupt while Health has climbed to become 4th most corrupt.

Pakistanis continued to believe that the corruption in government sector is high. Police (41.4%), Judiciary (17.4%) and Contracting/Tendering (10.3%) according to the citizens are three most corrupt sectors, while contracts of roads (59.8%), cleanliness and garbage collection (13.8%), access to water (13.3%) and drainage system (13.1%) top the list of public services for which to have access people have to pay bribes.

The three most important causes of corruption, according to the NCPS 2021, are weak accountability (51.9%), the greed of powerful people (29.3%) and low salaries (18.8%).

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