Cotton Yield Doubled Due to Timely Rains

Pakistan’s cotton yield has been soared up to 6.2 million bales in the current season (June-Nov 21), a surge of 81 percent compared to the same period in previous year, owing to timely rains and better incentives to the farmers.

According to Pakistan Cotton Ginners’ Association (PCGA), the cotton yield was only 3.45 million bales last year in the June-November period.

Rain timings played a huge role in the cotton output. Timely rain in September boosted the cotton harvest this year, said former PCGA Chairman, Jassu Mal Leemani.

“We expect a cumulative production of 7-7.2 million bales in current season 2021-22 and around 10 million bales in 2022-23,” said the former chairman.

Cotton output was dismal last year, a multi-decade low of 5.64 million bales due to untimely rainfall in August, resulting in the loss of 2 million bales in Sindh alone, explained Leemani.

Mr. Leemani highlighted that cotton output also increased due to better price incentives to the farmer as the price of cotton flower (phutti) per 40 kg was doubled to Rs. 6,000 in the ongoing year against Rs. 3,000 per kg in the previous year. Similarly, cotton price is currently around a peak of Rs. 17,000 per 40 kg compared to Rs. 11,000 per 40 kg last year.

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